EMBC Youth Ministry

The mission of the Youth Ministry is to impact students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Sprit that they may come to know Him as savior and follow Him as Lord in the ministry and fellowship of His Church.

The youth ministry is also the ministry which allows for young people to learn various facets of the
same ministry in which older members participate. It is the venue where young people can freely express their opinions about God, church, community, and themselves.

Our Purpose 
The purpose of the Youth Ministry is to lift up and exalt Jesus Christ in everything we do while equipping young people with Biblical truth. We are committed to encouraging youth to become actively engaged in ministries throughout the fellowship of the church.  It is our goal to make living saved an everyday lifestyle  and not just on Sunday.

Our Commitment

The Youth Ministry is likely the toughest job in the church. Not because of the kids, but because of the challenge of finding creative ways to introduce young children and teens to Jesus Christ and to make God both real and relevant to them. This challenge requires a specialized calling and real gift from God. Not everybody can do this and we are committed to the unique opportunity that has been bestowed upon us.

Youth Ministry Point of Contact:

Name, Youth Ministry Director