EMBC Deaconess Ministry

As Titus 2:4-5 instructs us, the Deaconess ministry seeks to serve Christ in a
personal way as a unified body...being Godly women. The focus of this ministry
shall be to assist the pastor and thus allowing him to devote more time to prayer
and the word.
Our Purpose
Our assistance to the Pastor allows him to devote more time to prayer and the word.
As part of our role in the church we are charged with:
- Making visits/contacts to those listed on weekly ministry in form.
- Be available for prayer time with pastor on Sunday Mornings.
- Serve as prayer counselors during the worship services.
Our Commitment
The role/responsibilities of the Deaconess shall be to assist the Pastor when called
upon to do so. The goal of this ministry is to be faithful, active members who seek
unity of the spirit, moving forward together to accomplish the vision of the Shepherd
of this house.
For more information about the Deaconess Ministry, e-mail [Name] at,
name@theebenezerchurch.org or call 817-535-3094.